Dr. Deepak Khanna


Dr. Deepak Khanna is one of the most highly trained and qualified maxillofacial surgeons of India. He specialized in maxillofacial surgery from MGM University of Medical Sciences Mumbai, India, one of the preeminent hospitals in India. Dr. Deepak Khanna has held expertise in head neck cancer surgery under India's most renowned head neck cancer surgeon Dr. Sultan Pradhan. He has accomplished a number of procedures efficaciously including rhinoplasty or nose surgery, liposuction surgery, eyelid surgery, facelift and head neck cancer surgeries. The work of Dr. Deepak Khanna is truly admirable in plastic and cosmetic surgery sphere. He has won lots of awards and honors for his effort and superiority in this field. He got equipped with Global Head Neck cancer surgery fellowship from New York ( Memorial Sloan Kettering) under Dr. Jatin Shah to brush up his skills. He further trained himself in Head Neck Microvascular Surgery in Mumbai, India, at one of the busiest hospitals in Cancer Care Prince Aly Khan Hospital. He also has a keen interest in the area of facial aesthetic surgery such as jaw correction surgery, face lifts, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty. His indigenous work mostly is focused on cancers of the mouth and salivary glands. Dr.Deepak Khanna has an enthusiasm to spread the essence of confidence, glee, and splendor amid people. He earned copious certificates of honor and gratitude by innumerable institutions, associations and organizations.


The case which was considered inoperable

A 44 yr old resident of Panvel got a new life after Dr. Deepak Khanna removed a 2.5 kg tumor from her lower part of Jaw. Doctors at reputed hospitals in Mumbai had refused to remove the tumor which they termed inoperable. Apart from the tumor, she was also found to be Hepatitis B positive and in such a condition, the operation becomes more complicated. But with the joint efforts of Dr. Deepak Khanna, Maharashtra Bapist Society NGO, and DY Patil hospital, Navi Mumbai the tumor was removed in a heroic procedure that lasted 14 hours. "We got to know about her disease and brought her to Dr. Deepak at DY Patil Hospital for treatment, " said Deb Singh, a member of the NGO.